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"people on benefits shouldn’t be having flatscreen TVs"

why what other kind of TVs do they make? its 2014, you can’t just pop into Argos and buy a 9 inch VCR combo

please sit down

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i literally hate when people always try to dismiss race and act like it “isn’t a problem anymore”

i’m mixed. my dad is a 6’3 black male, my mom is white w/ blonde hair and blue eyes.

you and your family have never been randomly pulled over by cops on several occasions just so they could ask your mom if she’s “okay” 

there’s still a fucking problem

interracial relationships dont end racism, point blank.

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For anyone who doesn’t know who Michael Brown is or what’s been going on in Ferguson

  • Saturday Aug. 9, 2014: Reports out of Ferguson, MO. that a 17 y/o boy was shot 10 times by police over stolen candy
  • He is identified as 18 y/o Michael Brown. The store Mike Brown…

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